Liquid Macronutrients


Potassium, vital for root growth and drought resistance, is easily leached, particularly in sandy soils. Because of soil leaching, potassium is most effectively delivered by foliar application. Brandt 30-K can even be safely applied during periods of hot, dry weather, without phytotoxic effects.


Converge CRN Controlled Release Liquid Fertilizer

 A controlled released Nitrogen that is engineered on four unique release characteristics to obtain a consistent growth pattern. Brandt Converge CRN releases the proper amount of Nitrogen to the plant to avoid nitrate losses from the soil. This product utilizes the microorganisms in the soil to release the Nitrogen at the proper rate for the plants.



Use Rate

30-K  Warm - 3-5oz/1000 sq.ft. Cool - 1-3oz/1000 sq.ft.

Converge CRN See label



Case Size

2 x 2.5 gallon


30-K  Label, SDS, SDS (Spanish), Brochure

Converge CRN  Label, SDSBrochure