Manni-Plex Foliar Nutrients
Manni-Plex® foliar nutrients help build stronger, healthier turf and root systems by delivering nutrients in a form that is immediately available to the plant and that can penetrate the leaves and tissue very quickly. Contains natural humectants that allow the formulation to stay wet on the leaves for an extended period of time and give plants the ability to access nutrients longer. Can be mixed with most insecticides, fungicides and plant growth regulators.

Brandt Manni-Plex products are available in the following turf and ornamental formulations:

Manni-Plex Ca 10.0% Calcium

Manni-Plex Eagle 7.0% Nitrogen, 14.0% Potassium, 0.50% Iron, 0.25% Manganese, 0.25% Magnesium

Manni-Plex Fe 6.0% Nitrogen, 5.0% Iron

 Manni-Plex K 20% Potassium

Manni-Plex Grow 12-0-6

Manni-Plex Mg 4.0% Nitrogen, 4.0% Magnesium

Manni-Plex Mn 7.0% Nitrogen, 5.0% Manganese

Manni-Plex Root Builder 0.20% Boron, 0.05% Copper, 0.50% Magnesium, 0.90% Manganese, 4.70% Zinc

Manni-Plex Total Turf 4.0% Nitrogen, 2.85% Iron, 1.20% Magnesium, 0.45% Manganese, 0.65% Zinc

Manni-Plex Traffic 4.0% Potash, 5.0% Silicon

Manni-Plex Ultra Turf 4% Nitrogen, 2% Potassium, .50% Magnesium, 0.25% Boron, 0.50% Copper, 2.00% Iron,0.50% Manganese, 0.25% Molybdenu

Manni-Plex Zn 

Use Rate

See individual labels for use rates.

Case Size

2 x 2.5 gallons


Manni-Plex Ca Specimen label,  SDS,  SDS (Spanish),  Brochure
Manni-Plex Grow Specimen label,  SDS,  SDS (Spanish),  Brochure
Manni-Plex Root Builder Specimen label,  SDS,  SDS (Spanish),  Brochure
Manni-Plex Total Turf Specimen label,  SDS,  SDS (Spanish),  Brochure
Manni-Plex Traffic Specimen label,  SDS,  SDS (Spanish),  Brochure
Manni-Plex Ultra Turf Specimen label,  SDS,  SDS (Spanish),  Brochure
Manni-Plex Zn  Specimen label,  SDS,  SDS (Spanish),  Brochure