Nitrozyme Liquid Plant Stress Reliever is a concentrated extract made from the seaplant Ascophyllum nodosum, which has proven to be the most effective kelp source for extracts across dozens and dozens of field trials and laboratory studies.  Extensive research with these extracts has determined that the growth hormone, cytokinin, coupled with the seaweed’s diverse micronutrients, enhance plant and turf growth, development, and durability, and can dramatically increase yields of agricultural and non-food crops.  

​Nitrozyme has consistently shown to increase:

  • Plant Yield
  • Plant Photosynthetic Capacity
  • Chlorophyll Content
  • Cell Wall Strength
  • Stress Tolerance
  • Resistance to Disease
  • Drought Tolerance
  • Root Mass and Length 


Benefits of Nitrozyme:

  • Powerful growth hormones and micronutrients carefully extracted through a proprietary processing method preserve the biological and chemical integrity of the plant nutrients
  • Highest quality natural, organic bio-stimulants with the highest available concentration of any similar product (Active ingredient is at a concentration of 400 ppm in Nitrozyme, 100 ppm in the closest competitor. Nitrozyme is four times stronger!)
  • Made from what has been proven to be the most effective species of sea kelp for increased yield, stress tolerance, and overall plant and turf health
  • Stimulates growth, strength, and mass of the root system
  • Increases the uptake of nutrients in the soil and their ability to move to all parts of the plant
  • Acts as a food source for the beneficial microbial activity in the soil, improving the health of your soil and thus the health of your plants or turf
  • Can be applied as a root drench or a foliar spray
  • EPA labeled and OMRI listed

Use Rate

Use 1 to 1.5 gallons of Nitrozyme per acre, per season (3 to 41⁄2 ounces per 1000 square feet per season or 1 ounce per 1000 square feet each month throughout the season).

1st application of Nitrozyme: at initial stages of growth.

Case Size

2 x 2.5 gallons

55 gallon drum


Nitrozyme - Specimen Label pdf

Nitrozyme - MSDS pdf

Nitrozyme - OMRI Certificate